One of the questions about marketing the Watchmen movie has been ‘How do you handle the reveal of Rorschach’s identity?’ One of the better bits in the book, Rorschach’s true identity will be fairly obvious to anyone who sees a poster for the movie or looks at IMDB. But beyond the plot points of the reveal, it’s the subtle aspects of the reveal that are ruined – you walk into the movie knowing that under the mask Rorschach looks like this weird little dude, that the man behind the mask is so much less than what you might have thought.

But there’s no way around it, short of making Jackie Earle Haley unrecognizable through make-up when he’s not wearing the mask. Thankfully, the filmmakers have not opted for that and instead have just given him a red wig, which you can see in this picture that JoBlo snagged from G4 (this is technically old news, but this aired on G4 while almost all of the news-making people on the internet were at Comic Con and thus couldn’t see it). You can’t really make it out in the picture, but they also gave him some freckles and stuff – it’s a pretty great likeness to the shmucky, insane Walter Kovacs.