Today, I found out I was a squealing Fannibal. I had known since the show’s early weeks that it was definitely my cup of tea, but after that stunning second season, I’m the kind of guy who wonders what Hannibal’s wardrobe will be like in the third. But this evening, when I saw that Michael Pitt would not be returning as the deranged (and now deformed) Mason Verger, I actually gasped aloud. There I was, gin and tonic in hand, with the other hand involuntarily shooting up to my face in shock.

Michael Pitt (Funny Games) played Mason Verger in a way that was almost grating until you realized it was sheer camp brilliance. Replacing him won’t be an easy task. For the foreseeable future, Joe Anderson will attempt to fill his expensive shoes. You know, the guy whose stumps were cauterized with a cast iron skillet in The Ruins (shudder).

Season three of Hannibal is expected to premiere in late spring, and you bet your sweet rump roast I’ll be watching.

Source: Entertainment Weekly