I just left an interview with Robert Englund and the director and star of Jack Brooks, Monster Slayer, and right at the end I had to ask Englund if he’d been in touch with Kenneth Johnson in regards to the new V movie he’s been trying to get off the ground. Turns out he has.

‘He sent me the new book,’ Englund told me. ‘I’ve been emailing back and forth with him – actually my wife has – but I know he wants to do something with it. NBC left a lot of money on the table [by not picking up a new V] after Taken, which was similar.”

As to what the new V would be, Englund isn’t sure. ‘Would it be a younger cast, a V redux, or would it be 30 years later with us warming our hands around a fire in a post-apocalypse world? I don’t know how Willy would fit in that – I’m balding too much. But maybe lizards age too.’

That’s actually a strange thing I never considered – since the Visitors wear masks, why would their human appearances ever age? What’s the point of keeping up appearances after they’ve conquered and ransacked Earth? Why would any non-Resistance Vistors even wear masks 30 years in the future?

The upside is that whicever way Johnson goes – with a remake or a sequel – Englund wants to be in it, if just to work with Johnson again.