There’s been a lot of blathering back on forth online over the weekend regarding the status of Michael Dougherty’s tyro feature Trick ‘r Treat at Warner Bros., something that’s actually been in question for some time now.

Originally scheduled to make its debut around Halloween, 2007, we now, of course, know that never came to pass. It was then believed at that time Warner Bros. was going to release it some time in 2008. Well, here we are, eight months into 08, and hardly a damned thing’s been heard till this past weekend. Multiple sources are now reporting Warner Bros. has officially dumped the film. For whatever reason remains to be seen, but as with The Midnight Meat Train, I’m suspecting it’s internal politics, not the quality of the film that’s in question here. Perhaps, as Russ mentioned here, the studio is having a problem with producer Bryan Singer a la their post-Superman Returns relationship. Either way, Trick ‘r Treat is off the docket and looking for a new home in the meantime.

On the off-chance you haven’t heard a friggin’ thing about the movie, Trick ‘r Treat is about four intertwining stories that take place on Halloween. The first nasty nugget centers on a high school principal leading a double-life as a serial killer; the second one revolves around a female college virgin, who believes she’s finally found the right guy to take care of business; the third’s about a bunch of unruly teenagers pulling a nasty prank; and the fourth is about a woman who hates Halloween with a passion and must contend with a spouse who’s totally in love with the holiday.

In the meantime, you can check out the new poster below that’s been released for the film. Have a long look because I suspect we won’t be seeing Trick ‘r Treat in theaters this Halloween, either.