Since the redesign I’ve gotten a lot less email; it’s presumably because my email address isn’t available via the click of a link on every story I write. But when emails do come, they’re often worth paying attention to, because they’re usually very weird, very creepy, or both. Today I got a pretty amazing email from Daryl Toor. The subject:

Isaac Hayes Dead: Is Samuel L Jackson Next?

Dun dun dun!

Let’s find out what Daryl is talking about:


Yesterday, it was Bernie Mac. Today it was Isaac Hayes. Could
Samuel Jackson be next?

Daryl Toor, president of Attention!, an Atlanta
based publicity firm, a former music reviewer and record company executive

“This photograph, taken from Isaac Hayes’ official site at
is as eerie as the time I read a newspaper obituary on its own obituary

Here’s the photo:

Well, Daryl has a point. It’s like the Grim Reaper is moving from left to right. If I was Sam I would brush up on my Final Destination films to find a way to beat Death. Godspeed, you black emperor.