Start talking about parkour, the French-born urban free-running sport, and I immediately picture wiry French guys. While French isn’t a pre-requisite, wiry definitely is. Daniel Craig gets a pass because he’s Bond, and he was only playing catch-up in that parkour setpiece, anyway.

Channing Tatum, meanwhile, is set to star (for New Line, no less) in an as-yet untitled 2009 parkour drama. See, running will be the metaphor for the lifeline of a relationship between two old friends, and each rooftop they jump to will factor into a sentence I can’t even finish. Variety says the script by Kevin Lund and T.J. Scott “revolves around a pair of jumpers who use their skills in heists” which suggests it perhaps isn’t quite as On Golden Pond as I first assumed when reading ‘parkour drama’. Music video director Richie Smyth will call the shots.