With the remake of Friday the 13th now in the can and the first teaser from Comic-Con plastered all over the internet, the following shouldn’t come as any surprise to you – the dudes over at Dread Central have received word from some reliable inside sources at Paramount the brass are planning on, you guessed it, a double-dip on a box set of Friday the 13th 1 through 8.

Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason will not, however, be included in the set because one must remember everyone’s favorite hockey-masked/machete-wielding killer jumped to new digs over at New Line at that point.

No word on the actual features but the Dread dudes are told “that there is a lot being planned.”

It’s about bloody time, when you consider how shoddy the last box set was with two movies slapped on a single disc each, with a virtually no extras to speak of, with the exception of the obligatory commentaries and requisite interviews. Hopefully, the folks putting it together can do the franchise justice as Peter Bracke did with his book Crystal Lake Memories, the exceptional literary retrospective on the legendary franchise.

No word on a release date, either, but I’m willing to bet it will coincide with the release of the remake around Friday February the 13th, 2009. Just a hunch.