You might not have heard, but Frosty at Collider was injured at Comic Con when part of Hall H fell on his head. This rendered him hospitalized for a few hours and woozy as hell (I imagine that’s an understatement) for the duration of the con.

Consequently, panels threatened to go unwatched and many an interview might tragically have gone on without Frosty. One such event, at least, was heroically saved when one of the participants agreed to step in and actually conduct the thing himself. Which is why Collider is now decorated with a glorious bit of video in which Spaced‘s Simon Pegg holds a mic and…sorta interviews Edgar Wright and Jessica Hynes. Mostly he hits them. They hit back. It’s lovely. Just watch.

Click the image below to zip over to Collider. Oh, and Simon, there’s a box of space cakes in it for you (and you alone) if you keep quite about that Millennium Falcon thing. K, thanks.