Every time I turn around there’s some new site or other ‘breaking news.’ People have begun to realize that it doesn’t matter if what you’re writing is true or not, just make it interesting and you’ll get linked.

Enter Pause.com. Never heard of them, but they’re reporting that Linda Hamilton has signed on for all three new Terminator movies to play Sarah Connor in flashbacks. That’s news not only to me, but also to Hamilton’s reps. Now, in Pause’s favor they did check with her reps – who, as mentioned, denied it all – and the reps will give you the run-around big time. They’ll lie to your face, in fact (like Shia LaBeouf’s people did before he was officially announced on Indiana Jones, for instance). And also in Pause’s favor: the usually editorial-free folks at Coming Soon seem to believe the claim.

Could it be that the rounds of press McG et al have been doing, where they’ve been met continuously with ‘How does The Sarah Connor Chronicles fit into this?,’ have convinced them to throw in the real Sarah Connor so that moviegoers aren’t confused? I don’t think the new TV show has a big enough following to really confuse the issue for anyone but die-hards (who will likely know the answer anyway), but this wouldn’t be the first time reactions have changed something in Terminator: Salvation (see the original ending, now supposedly being corrected).

But here’s a demerit for Pause.com: they not only have that stupid ‘Seth Rogen in a Ghostbusters remake’ story still up on their site, they add to the bullshit saying they heard Christopher Walken is the bad guy in the new film.

So now Pause gets their link. We’ll see how this one shakes out – with the way the script has been changing on set day to day (with Jonathan Nolan there doing the rewrites), anything could be possible.