It’s the sixth of the month, which means we’re in for another Watchmen video journal. This time it’s all about the Owlship, Nite Owl’s preferred mode of transportation. This clip features the ship being built and some footage of it hovering over a crowd during the Keane Riots of 1977. The Owlship is both amazingly cool and surprisingly small in real life – I stood inside of it while on set and have to say that it appeared more spacious in the comic during the tenemant fire rescue. Of course in comics you can play with size and dimension while the movie needs something a little more concrete.

Next month marks the halfway point for these video journals, which means we’re just six months away from the release of Watchmen. I have to admit that my fanboyism is getting the best of me… I’m fucking dying to see this movie. Getting on a plane for San Francisco this week I scolded the Fates in advance: “I better make it back in one piece because I have no intention of being deceased before I see Watchmen.” If I end up in a terrible survival situation, I think my desire to see Watchmen is what will keep me alive.

Click here to watch the video, which I won’t siphon and then embed on the page.