It’s the time of year where I get pretty sick and tired of explosions, chases and CGI effects, which means I start looking forward to the prestige months, when the Oscar bait gets released in theaters. I’m all ready for films with meaning and depth and inspiring stories. And, when I can get it, sexy ladies.

Who would have thought that sexy ladies would include Mother Teresa? Yet here we are with up-and-coming actress Sophie Maes (if you’re an indie kid like me you may have seen her in The Large Bag) as the younger nun on her way to sainthood in Mother Teresa: The Making of a Saint. Here’s the synopsis:

Teresa: The Making Of A Saint follows the incredible story of Agnes, a beautiful young Macedonian woman growing up in a world torn apart by war. After receiving a message from God, Agnes travels to a remote nunnery to learn the ways of the Lord but, once there, her passions are aroused by a handsome young priest. These new feelings challenge her faith and threaten to destroy everything that she holds dear.

This internal struggle leads Agnes to face the most difficult decision of her life. Will she give in to the urges consuming her or will she forsake all others to serve her God? The decision she makes would change the world forever.

Brought to life by Sopie Maes (Before There Was One, The Large Bag), this cinematic masterpiece will reveal an unbelievable story of the woman behind the nun.

It sounds pretty interesting, and it’s Mel Cohen’s first big budget picture after The Butter Man, a movie that really blew away audiences at Toronto a couple of years back and which never got the right distribution. I think Cohen’s got a lot of promise, and I like seeing that some of the same themes from The Butter Man are on display in the Teresa trailer. It seems like his egg motif shows up again here, as well.

Here’s the official site for more info.

Check out the trailer links below

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