Holy cow, 100 strips! While perhaps not as fantastic as 100 strips at your local topless joint, that’s still pretty cool. It’s at points like this (big round number points) I like to wax nostalgic, and nothing is more nostalgic than Rated AARGH! #1 with the sad zombie (except of course for the memories brought back by Mr. Veidt’s fine perfume). So as today’s comic is a direct continuation to the events of that little number, before you go any further you should refresh your memory and check it out! Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Rated AARGH #1 – Zung

Ok, now that’s fresh in your mind, I present, in incredible life-like Technicolor, Rated AARGH! #100 – Crybaby!

Ah the hilarity! And the color! If you can’t get them to laugh at a poop joke, go straight for the blow job jokes. It’s like comedy 101.

But wait, that’s not all! Today is the day that all you naked heathens have been begging for! Yes, you can finally buy a Rated AARGH! T-shirt! There’s only one design at the moment, but more designs are forthcoming, and they are all on Hanes Tagless T’s as those are the ones I like and if no one buys the shirts I might as well enjoy wearing them. So without further ado, if you are being denied service at your favorite fast food restaurant because of draconian rules regarding shirts and shoes, head on over to the Official Rated AARGH! Store and check out the goods! Do it! There’s no hot t-shirt girls (though I am accepting applications, ladies) but I think you’ll find the model is a bit more appropriate considering the subject matter…

P.S. The Rated AARCHIVE! is done! Woohoo! And of course you can still discuss the comic here.