STUDIO: Lions Gate
MSRP: $27.98 RATED: R
RUNNING TIME: 91 Minutes
SPECIAL FEATURES: Deleted, Extended and Alternate Scenes

Have you ever seen a movie that was “good” or “average” or “enjoyable” or any other basic adjective you could think of, but nothing more? It is probably a movie you watched a few years ago that you can’t quite remember the name but you remember the one funny bit or the actor who may have stuck out. Eulogy is that movie (well a movie like it). It is good, but there isn’t too much more than that.

I’ve never had a date react like this…

The Flick

I don’t mean the preceding paragraph to be taken negatively. Eulogy is an enjoyable movie. But it isn’t a movie that’s going to stick with you. You aren’t going to email your friends about it, you aren’t going to buy a copy for your collection and you aren’t really going to ever think of it again (except one night when you are playing some trivia game and are desperately trying to remember the name of the movie Famke Janssen plays a lesbian).

Screams of disgust – that’s the reaction I usually get.

The problem is everything about this movie is average. That doesn’t make it good or bad, just there. Essentially, the elements that are slightly above average are cancelled out by those that are slightly below.

The highlight of the movie is the dialogue. Everyone is given a funny line or two and they usually come out of left field. The actors deliver the lines perfectly as well. The line “After it stopped raining Grandpa” isn’t that funny on its own. Hearing it delivered with Zooey Deschanel’s perfect sarcastic note, however, will crack you up.

The reason more and more kids are going to the eye doctor.

If the dialogue is slightly above average then the overall pacing of the movie is its below average complement. For the most part Eulogy plods along and doesn’t really go anywhere. Some scenes drag out waaaaaayyyy too long and others seem to have no purpose at all.

The acting is also average. There is a highlight or two, but for the most part it is a collection of very talented actors in underwhelming performances.

When Jane first opened her script she realized it was in Wingdings. It would take her days to translate.

Deschanel’s performance is the acting centerpiece. She is wonderfully sarcastic while being sincere. Her character is chosen to give the eulogy at her Grandfather’s funeral. She spends the movie trying to find out more about her Grandfather – mostly through her dad, his siblings and their mother. The more she learns about her dysfunctional family the less she seemingly discovers about her Grandfather. This seems odd while watching the movie but makes perfect sense by the time it finishes.

Hank Azaria plays her Dad, a child star who now works in porn. Azaria is good in the role, but nothing special. Also in the good, but nothing special category are other notable names like Debra Winger, Kelly Preston, Rene Auberjonois and Piper Laurie.

Is there anything sexier than a well stocked bar?

The only other actor of note is, surprisingly, Ray Romano. Usually I have nothing against him and I don’t have much for him either. I’ve seen his show and I laugh occasionally. Here he comes across very well. He isn’t in “comic” mode which is good. Instead he is restrained. Still funny, and a little sick, he isn’t in the limelight of the movie but he shines brightly when placed nearby.

Except for Ray Romano that is.

Ultimately the best eulogy I can give for Eulogy is to say it was standard. Like any life, there are some memorable moments strung between a lot of useless plodding. It had some good times and bad times, but mostly average times.

5 out of 10

The Look

The movie looks fine. The transfer is clear and that is about all you need. It doesn’t appear that transfer was given any special treatment, but the movie doesn’t really contain any elements that would warrant any such attention either.

5 out of 10

The Noise

The sound is fine – nothing too special. The movie has a lot of dialogue so it is important that it comes through. It does. There are also a few sound cues throughout the movie that stand out well. They aren’t big sound effects (like the swoosh of an arrow) and could have been overlooked. Making sure these effects are heard is a nice touch.

6.5 out of 10

“That’s right show me love. Show me passion. Pinch her tits. Like this. Ooooooo yea…. That feels good doesn’t it. Pinch’em. Oh yea. Harder. Pinch them harder. YES!"

The Goodies

The extras on the disk are pretty flat. There are two collections of extended, deleted and alternate scenes (each collection revolving around a specific point in the movie). That’s it. Seeing the extended scenes really makes you appreciate good editing though. If these scenes were presented fully the movie would have really dragged.

Some of the deleted scenes, however, would have fit nicely into the film. There is a part in the beginning where two of the four kids receive the call that their father has passed on. The other two just magically show up. This is prime character introduction time. It seems odd that you are introduced to only two of the four. Maybe those were the kids Dad loved best? There were two scenes shot with the other characters getting the call and their reactions. The first act of the movie may have worked a bit better, however, had they been included.

3 out of 10

“Good job men, and welcome to the Men In Black. Your first mission is to take care of the casket in the boat behind you. It contains the body of my dead partner. Damn scene-stealing son of bitch."

The Artwork

The design works with me. Something about the cast standing in a fish bowl with a coffin floating on the water makes me laugh. It is just odd enough to fit in with the humor of the film without being too strange.

8 out of 10

Overall: 5.5 out of 10