This afternoon I got on the phone with Jay Baruchel to talk about his turn in Tropic Thunder. We had a great 15 minute conversation, but little did I know that my recorder shit the bed around 3 minutes in. This is a bummer because the discussion was wide ranging and often funny.

One of the things we touched on was Jay and Seth vs The Apocalypse, the film that Baruchel and Seth Rogen are set to star in based on a short film they made a couple of years ago. In the short Jay and Seth are roommates who are trapped together when the world comes to an end; all we see is the two of them in their rubble-strewn apartment arguing. It’s amazing (see it here on YouTube).

I told Jay that I was amazed that any studio would make a movie like this, and he agreed, saying that it would mostly be two Canadians stuck in a room fighting. He didn’t want to give much away about the film, which Rogen is writing with partner Evan Goldberg, but he did say that he expects an aspect of the story to be controversial. ‘People will picket this movie,’ he told me.

What could it be? Maybe it has something to do with what form the apocalypse takes – could there be religious comedy in this film? That sort of stuff really brings out the moonbats, so it could certainly be the case. I’m excited to find out more, but I feel like it’ll take some time – Jay and Seth vs The Apocalypse isn’t even considered for release until 2010, and I bet Green Hornet screws that up.