Last week MTV essentially reran a story we ran months ago, but with different sources: yes, the villain in Transformers 2 is The Fallen, the Satan equivalent Transformer from the recent comic books. Now I’m coming at you with new TF2 news: Megatron is coming back.

OK, I don’t think there’s a soul out there who will be surprised when Megatron returns in Transformers 2*. If the current incarnation of the script follows the beats of a previous incarnation (which did not feature The Fallen), Megatron may be getting brought back by the Autobots, who need him to conquer the new menace. But I’ve learned that this time he won’t be that weird alien jet. This time he’s a tank.

Megatron apparently was a tank in the Transformers Generation 2 comic or toys or something (I don’t know, I just looked it up on Wikipedia and I still don’t get it), so this has some precedent. I imagine this is as close as we’ll get to seeing him be a gun, since the movies appear to eschew the sort of size shifting antics that the comics and cartoons embraced.

*Assuming the damn movie even gets finished with Shia’s hand injury and general problems.