“But Niko, if you shoot me, I can’t help y-“.

If only I had said that, perhaps I could have inked the comic. Well, I could have anyway, but then the meta-joke would have been less effective. As well as not there. But yeah, I am psyched about GTA IV! Rockstar worked it out so that it was released on my b-day, which I really appreciate. I picked it up at midnight, took the day off work and birthdayed my face off. It was awesome.

So this is what a comic looks like before it’s inked. In general I prefer it inked, but there is always something lost from the sketches. I don’t know, but I’ve always liked the “sketchiness” (for lack of a more perfect word) of illustrations before they’re inked. It’s sorta like looking behind the curtain. Anyway, back to GTA!