This new Terminator: Salvation picture, courtesy of Warner Bros, is from one of the film’s pivotal scenes, and fans who were at Comic Con this year may remember the dialogue that played over this moment: ‘You killed my father. You tried to kill my mother. You will not kill me!’ Yeah, it kind of gives away the secret of new leading character Marcus. Oh well!

By the way, while at Con I talked to someone in the know about the movie, and I was told that the latest script revisions (which are being done on set) include a lot more John Connor. Last year I reported to you that Connor was essentially a minor character, and that was true at the time. Now, though, Connor is in much more of the film, although he does drop out in a big way during the second act (right now – they’re only halfway done shooting, so it’s possible that more second act John Connor business is being inserted).