On Monday USBs containing an excerpt from the third book in the massively best selling Inheritance Cycle will start showing up in record stores and comic book stores. Those USBs will contain MP3 files and a PDF excerpt of the new book, Brisingr. We managed to get our hands on one of these USBs early and now we have the exclusive PDF and the MP3s right now.

If you’re a fan of the Inheritance Cycle, this is a big deal since no advance copies of the book will be distributed. This PDF is your only peek at the novel before you buy it in book stores!

Here’s the catch: the PDF is password protected, and clues to the password will be revealed Monday at the Vroengard Academy site (www.vroengardacademy.com). The MP3s, which are ‘Elvish painting songs’ are free and open right now.

Head over to Vroengard Academy for more information and to get involved in the Alternate Reality Game for Brisingr. But first download the PDF below so that you have it on hand when the clues are revealed!

Download the PDF

Listen to ‘Slingshot’

Listen to ‘Canteen’

Listen to ‘Staff’