I don’t know if y’all remember the first Final Destination (that sounds as weird as “the first Final Fantasy”), when the kid was in the bathroom and Death was sending the water out for him to slip on or be eltromacuted or something, and then when it looked like that wasn’t going to work the water retreated, leaving no trace that it had been there? Like Death didn’t want to leave any clues it was him or something? What the fuck was that? If someone dies, it not like Death can be all like, “What? I wasn’t even IN that city then! I was at home with my wife!”. He’s Death! That’s what he does! He can wear all the fingerprint-denying patent leather gloves he wants, it’s not gonna deflect the blame one whit. With that all said, Final Destination 2 is one fantastic, fantastic movie. I love it, especially the ending. Thank you and goodnight.