All my little internet babies is all growns up. I can’t turn around without one of my friendly competitors getting a movie deal. The latest are Mr. Eric Vespe and Mr. Kristoffer Aaron Morgan, both of Aint It Cool News (Quint and Kraken respectively) whose film The Home is going to be getting made with some special effects from the crazies at WETA.

Eric wrote the sucker while Kris will be directing. Here’s the synopsis: A visceral horror thriller, THE HOME unfolds after a firefighter is nearly killed during a failed rescue that leaves him physically and emotionally scarred. To recuperate, he is taken to a secluded nursing home where the elderly residents appear to be suffering from delusions. But after witnessing a violent attack, he soon realizes that the screams behind the walls are caused by more than hallucinations, and the residents are being preyed upon by twisted, monstrous nightmares that lurk within the home itself.

What’s awesome about the project is that they’re going as practical as possible. I really feel like the pendulum has swung on practical effects work, and it makes me happy.

I saw Quint a bunch at Comic Con, and the last time I ran into him we were looking at old movie posters in the true nerd section of the Con floor, all the way in the back. It’s where you buy bootleg DVDs from Japan and old ass posters and weird movie memorabilia. There are some dudes in the web world who may be moving on to the movies who don’t have a real passion for cinema, but Eric does. Even if I’m occassionally befuddled by the movies he has in his Movie a Day series. You really hadn’t seen Meatballs, Quint?!?!

I’m excited for Kris and Eric, and I hope that the movie ends up being as cool as it sounds like it could be.