I thought that The Love Guru proved one thing about Mike Myers: everybody hates him and his schtick now. That movie was rejected by America like a bad kidney transplant, and I thought that Myers was finally done once and for all. I hoped that he could take his one joke back to Canada and continue his supposedly out lifestyle in Toronto.

But no. According to Nikki Finke, Myers is working on a script for Austin Powers 4, a movie that will focus on the relationship between Dr. Evil and his son Scott (Seth Green). And it’s all part of Mike’s endless attempts to get over the death of his dad seventeen years ago. Who’s going to help us get over your fucking movies, Myers?

The smoldering remains of New Line are hot for the movie, apparently, and Myers wouldn’t mind shoehorning his joke into another film and making another payday. And I know that some of you are going to go see the movie. Fuckers.