Sony’s Playstation Blog just put up this new trailer for their upcoming PSN title, The Last Guy. According to them the story is set in a world where a purple ray has mysteriously hit the earth and turned people into monsters and zombies. Many people who were too busy watching Night of the Comet are unaffected but are getting destroyed by the rampaging beasts, and you, as the titular character, have to lead them to safety.

Of course the coolest aspect of this game is apparent from the trailer above- it uses satellite maps of real cities like Tokyo, LA, and London as the environment. Yes, those are real city streets you’ll steer the little humans running around, trying to avoid all sorts of zombies and monsters. One section of the city will be dubbed an Escape Zone and to win you have to get a certain amount of survivors there before they’re eaten.

Truly awesome idea. For more info and screens check the Playstation Blog.