I like it. It’s fun and it has some personality. Boyega’s amazing and that’s a great first look at his character. The X-Wing stuff is good. I don’t mind the new lightsaber or the crazy Millenium Falcon shot. I don’t like the overperformed voiceover, the R2 unit, and for some dumb reason the look of the Stormtrooper’s guns. A minor gripe.

What I cannot understand is why they didn’t do the honorable thing and the fan service thing and the smart marketing thing and show us our beloved characters. Honestly, I’d have been more thrilled with a montage of each of the returning characters in their new 30 years later look than anything else.

Here’s hoping the spigot is opened and we get a lot more goodness from Disney on this. It’s a different world than it was even in 1999. Keep reminding people why we made this property legendary and keep remembering how it got so terribly trashed.