Sam Raimi, tired of remaking Crimewave over and over for the past fifteen years, is trying his hand at a film involving superheroes. Yeah, good luck with that. As if the guy is capable of anything more than films where people get hit with frying pans and The Ruins happens to a girl’s vulva.

Raimi in all actuality hasn’t exceeded expectations. He has met them resoundingly.

He’s doing exactly what people like myself and others expected him to do since we fell madly in love with his work in the 80’s. We knew. WE KNEW…

Sam Raimi is US, at least US if we were much more talented, able to work with suits, and smart enough to realize that there’s a time when you need someone who isn’t Bruce Campbell to star in every film ever.

Aside from giving our beloved Smilin’ Jack Wheaton a few much deserved paychecks, Raimi the producer isn’t quite as much a lock in terms of quality. His Ghost House brand has made some successful films but as of yet hasn’t blown our urethra through the back of the theater.

Maybe that can happen with The Transplants [though not with Ghost House], a comedic superhero flick written by Adam Jay
Epstein and Andrew Jacobson, two guys best known for spoof movies. The plot of The Transplant is heavily under wraps by Disney, who plans to release the film. This is either because they want to keep the plot shrouded in mystery or because they’re afraid people won’t want to see a film about heroes boxing their belongings for two hours before moving to Wichita.

Raimi and Disney is an odd pairing, since Disney rarely makes films where a scarred man profanely asks for a pink elephant [if you please], but aside from his promising Drag Me To Hell Raimi’s done a good job in recent memory of pleasing the kiddies.

It seems the studio is anxious to get this movie going, so it’s just the small matter of whether Adam Jay
Epstein and Andrew Jacobson have it in them to make a superhero movie that’s original with comedic elements rather that just vomiting up a superhero comedy for Disney. It takes a deft hand to pull that stuff off, especially if you wrote Not Another Teen Movie and Extreme Movie.

No word on if the ‘Camel Head, Samel Head‘ camera will be employed or who will be called upon to direct.