Platinum Dunes has launched what amounts to little more than a teaser site for their re-imagining/remake/rehash/rip-off of Friday the 13th, folks. Not much to speak of yet, and there isn’t even the tiny trailer they unveiled at Comic-Con. Nevertheless, you at least know the damn thing is there now, if you happen to give a shit about the movie.

Myself, I’m kind of on the fence about this one; while after the last few entries (Freddy vs. Jason included) it’s clear the franchise has nowhere to go but up; however, I’m not sure mining the best elements from parts one through four will do the trick.

And, as I witnessed first hand at Comic-Con, the debate of a fast and agile Jason, as seen in Dunes’ trailer, vs. a slow, menacing and walking Jason is now already beginning to brew. If you’ve seen the footage you know what I mean.

Dunes producer Brad Fuller mentioned during the F13 panel the filmmakers were planning on getting farther away from Jason’s supernatural elements in this new rendition, so don’t expect the masked one to magically catch up to his victims after a brief stroll through the woods of Crystal Lake.

Look for Friday the 13th to hit theaters on, you guessed it, Friday February 13, 2009.