Heh. I like to think Tycho Brahe would like this one; what with the big words and all.

Speaking of which, for those of you who don’t know what defenestrate means, I’ve handily created a wee little link for you here. That should help out with the tertiary humour.

I used to hate Scrabble as much as I hated word problems in Math class. There’s a picture of me playing Scrabble in a bar in Boracay looking like someone just pissed in my Cheerios, and that pretty much summed up my thoughts on the game. That is until I joined Facebook. Once there, I started playing Scrabulous and it was grand. Until Hasbro’s lawyers took a giant shit on it. To be fair, Hasbro’s intellectual property was being flagrantly stolen, and they did put up an official version of Scrabble for the Facebookies, so I guess that’s all right then.

Anyway, now I am a big dork and will happily wile away many an hour trying to use all 7 of my tiles to spell the dirtiest word possible. Sometimes I weep at what I’ve become.

Next week is Rated AARGH! #100! Excitement! Announcements! Free cotton candy (not really, you’ll have to bring your own cotton candy)! Be there or be square!

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