The teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is finally here, and it’s viewable in a tiny box on the MSN site. Why can’t trailer premieres be in formats where I can really see them? The blockbuster effects movie trailer is already at a disadvantage when viewed on a computer monitor, but shrinking it down to a streaming box the size of an ant’s dick really does it no favors.

So thankfully the trailer for Half-Blood Prince is mostly about setting mood, with only a couple of big setpieces thrown in there (including a very dope one with Dumbledore surrounded by flames). I like what I see so far (which is quite little) but I’m also very mindful that there’s no more room for error in these movies. The last two books are packed with important things – gone are the days when JK Rowling padded pages with extraneous nonsense* – and while I wasn’t happy with the rushed nature of Order of the Phoenix I have to place my faith in David Yates… since we’re finishing this fucker out with him.

EDIT: As I was writing this, the trailer popped up on AOL, where you can actually see it. Click here.

*well, not completely gone, to be fair. Maybe I’m just such a fanboy that every flavor Bertie Botts beans mentioned is crucial information.