The resurgence of Sid and Marty Krofft is in full swing. Their MySpace channel was hit with hundreds of thousands of views in just a few days, and the feature film version of Land of the Lost is trucking along. Universal put the Krofft brothers on a press line at Comic Con to talk about the film, which they are producing, but we ended up talking about other subjects. Hard to delve too much into the subject of Land of the Lost when I’ve barely seen any of it.

What Marty did get into was their idea to relaunch DC Follies, the late ’80s pseudo-political comedy show starring Fred Willard. I wasn’t able to get any word about Willard’s possible involvement, but here’s what Marty had to say about the new version:

“We had the political puppets around 15 years ago that we’re bringing back; we’re trying to work it out with one of the networks during the convention, and after the convention. We’ll figure out what that is. We’re going to probably try to have a graveyard [in the show] with Reagan talking to Nixon about what’s going on, how they’re screwing up everything. With Reagan saying, ‘tell McCain to stop talking about me!'”

In the absence of any current images, check this (unembeddable) old clip, ironically available on YouTube. (When I asked Marty about their take on YouTube he said they’d pulled everything off the site, but their MySpace channel has no DC Follies at the moment and YouTube still does. Oh, internet, you are perplexing.)