I recently ripped on the upcoming 3-disc version of Rob Zombie’s Halloween for being a glorious example of excess, but the original ain’t ready to bow out yet. Anchor Bay, no stranger to Halloween releases, will be putting out a 30th Anniversary Commemorative 6-disc set of the classic film this October.


Now it’s not just the one movie, so settle down. But you will be getting three copies of it! Not only will you be getting a brand-new restored version of the film, but they’re including the extended (TV) version that’s been long out of print. Oh, and you’ll be getting another copy on Blu-Ray, as a bonus of sorts.

Here’s the rundown of the discs-

  •  Halloween Restored (Original 1978 film)
  •  Halloween Extended Edition (out of print for several years)
  •  Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
  •  Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
  •  Halloween: 25 Years of Terror Documentary
  •  Halloween Blu-ray (SPECIAL BONUS DISC)

The restored version seems to be the same one from the out of print 2-disc limited set, where they went back to the guys who made the film for the restored version. The transfer was approved by the cinematographer, and the Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack made alongside the composer using the original master… so it’s considered the definitive version of the film.
If you’ve never heard of the extended edition, it was basically commissioned for network TV broadcast. Despite the utter lack of blood a lot of the film was cut out, and to pad the running time Carpenter brought back all the regulars and shot 12 new minutes of footage. They don’t really add much, but it’s an interesting alternate take of the film.

The Blu-ray disc boasts a high-de 1080p widescreen presentation, PCM uncompressed audio, commentary with John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and producer Debra Hill, and the documentary Halloween: A Cut Above the Rest.

Although that 25 Years of Terror doc is pretty much the greatest one ever made about the film, so it’s nice to see it included. But

We really could have done without Halloween 4 or 5 in that set (too bad Universal owns 2 and 3), but otherwise it’s pretty quality.

Besides all that, the set will come with that mini-replica of the infamous Shatner mask.

This monster set hits October 14th with a SRP of  $89.97. Only 20,000 of these will be made, but don’t worry, because you know we haven’t seen the last of Michael Myers at Anchor Bay!