It’s been interesting seeing the Internet/world lose their minds over Too Many Cooks this week A) because that’s far weirder than most of the stuff that goes viral these days and B) it reminded me that no other network has programming as adventurous as Adult Swim/Cartoon Network. So if you got lost down the rabbit hole of Cooks and still feel you have some face left to melt, I implore you to give The Heart, She Holler a try. It’s a Southern Gothic telenovela with supernatural overtones and some of the blackest humor imaginable. One episode from last season had Amy Sidaris lift the mattress of her bed, revealing that her two children had been living there for years (they’re so emotionally stunted that hugs confuse them). If Adult Swim mostly traffics in mellow weed, this is a shot of black tar heroin.

Along with Sidaris, the show stars Patton Oswalt as the heir to the Heartshe fortune and titular holler (see: hollow). In this teaser (which is beautiful and looks like something Spike Jonze might have made) you can see a marionette-version of his character get disemboweled by a dove. Set. Your. DVRs. Now.

The show returns on December 1st and airs at 12:30am.