This one deserves it’s own header. When Raimi took the stage in Hall H to promote Drag Me To Hell, he inevitably faced an audience question about further Evil Dead collaboration with Bruce Campbell. His response was (vaguely) surprising.

“That’s in the wheelhouse. I’d like to work on it with my brother Ivan when he comes up next week.”

You could almost smell minor waves of ‘holy shit!’ rolling across the hall. Predictably, that quote made the rounds as ‘Evil Dead 4 coming!!!!!11!OMG!’.

So I asked Raimi about his true intention when he was cornered on the press line a while later.

“Well, he’s coming to town and we’re going to talk about that, if he’s got time to work on the script. Don’t really have a next project lined up right now, and we’ll end up writing about two or three pages of it, as we always do, and then work on something else. I really need to see this picture, get a first cut in, I want him to tell me what didn’t work, where we have to fix it, where we have to tighten it up…I really need his input.”

In other words, more Evil Dead is in the same place it’s always been: a cool idea, but hardly a priority. It remains squarely in talking cat territory. And, since we’re doing this already, here’s his quote about Spider-Man 4:

“I don’t know if Columbia is offering me the picture just yet, so I don’t want to be presumptuous and say that, but if I do get offered the job of directing it once they get a screenplay in…I’d love to work with Tobey and Kirsten…and unfortunately I killed off James Franco. Sorry about that, James.”