Yeah, Rob, we get it – Tyrannosaurus Rex is the baddest motherfucker to ever walk Earth, or the squared-circle for that matter. No one’s tougher, right? So how about actually letting us know what the fuck this movie’s actually about?

As you can see Rob Zombie’s leaked another piece of art for his next proposed film, which only adds further fuel to the speculation Rob (although his camp, as well as Steve Niles have said it’s not an adaptation of The Nail) is cherry picking a shitload of elements from The Nail.

Rob must really enjoy building up a lot of speculation about this movie and flipping the online community the bird because A) He didn’t have a panel at Comic-Con for the movie, and B) Although there was no panel for the film, Rob I’m sure had a hand in this banner floating around the streets of Comic-Con on a flatbed.

Expect more details whenever Rob Zombie feels like it.