Well, would you look at that. As soon as I finish up my review of Sam and Max Seasons 1 and 2, an email hits my inbox that details Telltale Games’ latest project. Last weekend at Comic Con it was announced that the company known for its episodic adventure games had joined into a partnership with Aardman Animation to create Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, an episodic series featuring the lovable duo.

You’re probably seen at least a few of Wallace and Gromit‘s films, and if you haven’t, why not? They’re kid-friendly, yes, but hugely inventive and fun little flicks. The claymation series started with a few Oscar-winning shorts that spawned a feature film and a few lackluster games already, but if there’s anyone that can make a good game series out of this, it’s Telltale.

There’s no word on how many episodes will be coming our way, just that a few will be bundled together in each release. They’ve also tried to develop graphics that closely resemble clay, and things are looking good so far. An adventure game seems the perfect choice for a adaptation of a film that revolves around gadgets, inventions, and cheese.

Check the trailer out below, and the official site for more info. Let’s hope for more details soon!