I’ll tease you no
more, as I’ve gotten another source to spill on the casting of Robin Hood: he’s
Russell Crowe. And so is the Sherriff. 

Yes, they’re the same guy.

I just spoke to an anonymous source who has read the
current scriptment, and I’m told that while the concept is cool, there needs to
be some writing  done to make it all work

Like I said, it’s a whole different spin on the Robin
Hood revisionism. I can’t wait to see how it’s all done.

Original article follows…

What’s the deal with Nottingham? Ridley Scott’s revisionist take on the
legend of Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe as a sympathetic Sherriff
of Nottingham, was zooming along in pre-production, but things have
suddenly halted. The movie is set to pick up again some time next year
at the earliest, with ‘script concerns, location logistics and current
labor unrest’
being given as the reasons behind the delay. Fans of
Scott will be no doubt surprised by this, as the director has shown
again and again his ability to get his movie ship sailing smoothly once
he gets it underway.

So what are the
reasons behind the delay? I’ve heard nothing but good things from
people behind the scenes – they were very excited about how things were
shaping up. Other rumors have also reached my ears and I have begun to
wonder if it isn’t ‘script concerns’ that are slowing things down but
rather ‘script changes.’ I can’t print what I’ve been told (yet), but
there may be some changes to the concept that will set the whole film
on its ear… in a very interesting way. This new take on the story would require a very large rewrite on the script, and thus the delay.

If this rumor is true, expect
to be quite surprised by the Robin Hood casting announcement.