You won’t be Liev your eyes!

The Wolverine footage from The San Diego Comic Con [see, you didn’t have to go!] has been leaked onto the web by the folks at Trailer Addict and someone I believe is named Alex P. Cameraman. Aside from the cheesy money shots of Gambit, The Blob, and others I couldn’t place it seems to really capture the vibe of the characters that matter well.

Wolverine & Sabretooth.  Hugh and Liev. Misters Jackman and Schreiber to their aquaintances.

It’s their show and if Tsotsi director Gavin Hood and his team of writers (including CHUD friend/fave David Benioff) can pull it off we may finally see a spinoff film that does more than scoff at the parent franchise [X-Men, NEWS FLASH]. We’ve been threatened of spinoffs before, the most loony one being a rumored Halle Berry Catwoman film. Can you imagine Jinx trying to play Selina Kyle? Oh my God, what if they re-named the character for Ms. Berry?

Back to X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The best bits from the footage: Facial hair hoedown between Liev Schreiber and Hugh Jackman. Liev dry-humping his way down a corridor on the attack. Logan turning his motorcycle with claw-on-pavement action. Anything that doesn’t feature Blob being fat in the boxing ring.

You can never judge a flick by its trailer, just like you can never judge an emo band by anything they ever recorded. There was some bad word of mouth surrounding this project but word of mouth has a funny way of coming out of bitter assholes who were scorned by one of the filmmakers. Word of mouth is fun to talk about but oftentimes just carbon dioxide shaped by wind.

This stuff is tangible and hopefully indicative of the final product. As an aside, if this one is called X-Men Origins: Wolverine does that mean we’ll see similar features for mutants like Rogue, Colossus, Caliban, and David Poland?

Regardless, I pray this spinoff does well. I hope it leads to a new paradigm which means they make new spinoffs, which means I can finally see my Pepper Potts movie.

Enjoy the footage below until it is ripped from the web like the clothing of Pepper Potts in my fanfic. God damn, Gwyneth had it going ON in that film!