I’m not going to speak for you but I am tired of news about movies with robots and superheroes and computer animated assholes right now. Partially because the San Diego Comic Con is an all-out assault on the senses and a totally void sales pitch to our inner children and partially because the summer doldrums are out in full force. I’m tired. Weary even. I’m also personally offended with anyone who saw Journey to the Center of the Earth or Hancock this weekend.

I want some substantial non-genre films. Shit, I’ll take insubstantial non-genre films. “Bring Swing Vote“, says I. I want to start seeing what this fall is going to hold for my graying, increasingly ornery ass.

Enter the new Oliver Stone film. W: The Winged Serpent.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the tone of the film, partially because the 2000a.d. version of Oliver Stone isn’t nearly as awesome as the 1970-1999 version and also because it’s very hard to do a movie about the President of the United States while the guy is STILL IN OFFICE and have it be successful on many levels unless you’re amorphous and from Michigan.

That said, the teaser trailer for the Josh Brolin/Elizabeth Banks/James Cromwell/Michael Moriarty/David Carradine epic showcases a perky, loose, and possibly very funny movie. Neither an indictment nor a puff piece, if that is humanly possible. It also helps that no one in the film resembles their real-life counterparts, so if the heat is applied Oliver Stone can call the thing a fairy tale.

Typically we try to avoid giving attention to leaked anythings, but since it’s Sunday and Chick-Fil-A is closed, what the hell?

There’s no such thing as a goddamn exclusive in this business anyhow. Enjoy!

See this sucker here on YouTube before it’s taken down and then we’ll add the official link when it exists.