Fromage One Night Stand Each End of the Day
1 The Dark Knight $75,630,000 (-52.3%) $17,322 $314,245,000
2 Step Brothers $30,000,000 $9,696 $30,000,000
3 Mamma Mia! $17,865,000 (-35.6%) $5,974 $62,714,000
4 The X-Files: I Want to Believe $10,200,000 $3,202 $10,200,000
5 Journey to the Center of the Earth $9,415,000 (-23.7%) $3,502 $60,185,000
6 Hancock $8,200,000 (-41.6%) $2,478 $206,371,000
7 Wall-E $6,349,000 (-37.0%) $2,085 $195,235,000
8 Hellboy II: The Golden Army $4,934,000 (-51.2%) $1,634 $65,894,000
9 Space Chimps $4,375,000 (-39.1%) $1,723 $16,006,000
10 Wanted $2,727,000 (-46.2%) $1,554 $128,616,000

This just in: For variety, this week is the all musical addition of the BO Wrap Up. It’s like that episode of Buffy, except one thousand times more awesome. It’s like an album cover for David Hasslehoff. Hot. Sweaty. And all man.

The previous highest gross for a second weekend was Shrek 2, which was going into Memorial Day weekend. It did $72 Million. That record: beat. As was the record for fastest film to $300 (ten days vs. sixteen). That’s a lot of money in a very short period of time. Then again, The Dark Knight is still the #1 film of all time at IMDb so the backlash (AKA doesn’t Batman remind you of the current administration? Is this fillm a Republican?) doesn’t have much footing. For all the record-book talk, getting to Titanic (take my hand, it’s more than halfway there) is going to be a stretch. But it’s still young (and healthy) and it’s got charm. I would guestimate that it closes in on $500 when it’s all over. It won’t live forever, and it won’t learn how to fly (high).

If you thought Semi-Pro was the end of Ferrell, you were wrong. Face! Step Brothers will not set any records for anything, but when the unrated two-disc set hits, it will surely get that money back. The end of the day suggests it will miss out on nine digits, but neither Ferrell or Apatow have any stink on them for this. Mamma Mia!? My my. Getting to one hundred is rather likely, though it’s a steady climb. Nothing coming should knock it around. Swing Vote? Not going to rock it around. So big success. That’s entertainment.

The X-Files is the show that I’m always forced to watch by girlfriends. I live in fear of the knowledge that my future wife – whoever she is – will likely force me to sit through the entirety of it and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (probably even Angel. Hopefully not Firefly). As I may show them Straw Dogs, well, it’s all fair in the scheme of things, but fortunately for me the franchise is dead with X-Files. As Nelson would say “ha ha.” Even if she may own this, at least she’ll likely be apologetic about having it simply because she’s a completist. And I will watch it, I’m sure. Nod politely as she acknowledges how terrible it is, but then points out how certain things connect to other episodes, which – at that point – I’ll probably know for myself. Then I’ll make her watch The Shield and The Wire, and we’ll be even. Except that I will win. So what I’m saying is this film did not do well. And that I have an imaginary wife. I don’t know which is more pathetic Though I’m going to say it’s the X-Files 2 gross.

The 3-D is obviously selling Journey to the Center of the Earth fairly well. How will the world handle two Brendan Fraser films next week? Fear and panic is my bet. People running through the streets naked. As the day they were born. Hancock crossed $200, Wall-E should finish a little over it. Funny how Hancock looks like a winner with that number, and it’s hard to argue that there isn’t a bit of… “eh” with the Pixar film.

Hellboy got knocked the fuck out. Will it double its opening weekend? As the Wilson brothers put it: “God only knows (not going to happen.)”

How cheap was Space Chimps? Hopefully, very very cheap. And the Wanted sequels is a-going. So there’s that. Will The Mummy finally topple the great Dark Knight? Answer: Yes. Though, it’s not like TDK is going to stop making money. I mean, I guess it could. Like, everyone’s all “yeah, we’re good with it.” That would be funny. But it ain’t gonna happen. Spider-Man‘s third weekend was $45 Million, so it looks like the only record left that TDK can beat is “Fastest to $400 Million.” Which it will be. But I don’t think it’ll had a less than 50% drop next weekend, unless it truly is a phenomenon.