I’m not at Comic-Con right now. I’m in Portland, Oregon – and when it comes to breaking movie news this weekend the pickins are pretty slim around these parts, so I’m relying on the good ol’ RSS reader and the scoops our own readers are sending us to help fill in the gaps.


This li’l scoop comes from LB Siler, who points us to the Brazillian site Omelete and its glorious gallery of glossy Watchmen posters from the Watchmen presentation at Comic-Con [czech out Russ’s coverage HERE]. As you can see from the piece at right, they’re styled in the tradition of the original comic covers, and seem to either be painted to look like the actors and sets from the film or are actually stills from the film that have been photoshopped to look like they’ve been painted.


I’ve got more to say on Watchmen later, so I’ll save the commentary for another time. For now, just enjoy the artwork!