Whooh! Yeah Christmas! Sorry, much to drunk to be all witty and shit. Promise to be witty next week. Happy Holidays!

Edit -
Ok! Sorry about that, a bit too many libations last night! I’m all better now though (relatively speaking) and free to be as witty as I want. Or not as the case may be.

While undeniably a rip-off of Jaws, I always had a warm place in my heart for both Pirahna and Pirahna II. Of course I have a warm place in my heart for any movie involving water-dwelling man-eating mutant creatures. But as much as I love the buggers, It does seem like mutant Pirahni are an odd way to spend taxpayer’s money. A totally friggin’ awesome way mind you, but one I imagine would have a hard time getting by certain regulatory boards. Short-sighted bastards.