As scary as that abominable snowman was, I think aliens would have given Rudolph a bit more of a run for his money. For the record, I found the basic conceit behind the first Alien vs. Predator (movie) as bad as the next guy, but still, it was pretty goddamn sweet to see them both up on the screen at the same time. Even if the new one is just a bunch of loosely collected interspecies battles and gruesome deaths I couldn’t be happier. If it has a transcendental story as well, I certainly won’t complain if it makes me leave the theatre wondering about my place in the world and what the point of it all is, but if I leave the theatre and all that’s running through my head is visions of Aliens and Predators hacking up the shit out of each other I’ll be pretty psyched as well.

In vaguely related news, Happy Holidays!