The Rocky Horror Picture show is being remade as a television movie, says Variety.

While this has been rumored for years, of all the remake news ever I’ve reported, this one might be the most puzzling. Why redo a movie that’s still playing in theaters today? There isn’t a person who lives in a city in this country that can’t see a midnight screening of Rocky Horror if they wanted to (and were of course prepared with the proper attire, props and script, and knew all the right cues so they wouldn’t look like fools.)

MTV and Fox Television Studios are producing. Adding more fuel to the inevitable hatred fired off by the toilet paper-wielding fans of the original is the fact that they’re not even updating the original Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brien script. They may be adding new songs, though, hopefully with plenty of up-to-date references to popular culture!

My one reason for writing this article is to recommend how they update the music. If they go with it, the incredible punk cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes has already done some fantastic covers of the songs, and one of my faves is their take on Science Fiction/Double Feature, which has this little fan-made video here (that I’ve shown before).

Course, now’s your time to realize that MTV’s behind it, and let out a loud sigh. Let’s see how emo this film gets. If all goes well (?) the new Rocky Horror Picture Show will be done in time for next Halloween.