Darren Aronofsky will direct the new Robocop movie.

Coming Soon broke the story which also mentions that screenwriter David Self (Road to Perdition, Joe Johnston’s The Wolf Man) will be handling scripting duties. Beyond that there are no additional details on the who, what, when and why’s of anything having to with the plot or casting.

There are few franchises that hit my G(eek)-spot as hard as the Robocop movies. The original is a touchstone of sci-fi cinema for its scathing social commentary as well as its immersive aesthetic, and with all of the financial crashing-Big Brother terrorwatching-global warming in an ever more technologically advanced world I’m taking a certain comfort in the possibility that there’s enough fodder for a truly original Robocop sequel.

Wait, so does this mean every time our economy and civil rights go to shit we’ll get another Robo-flick?