Because they know you’re keen on last-minute details emerging from Comic Con, the Transformers 2 website got a slight makeover today. The centerpiece is a spiffy new logo that says, well godammit, can’t you read? It’s right there.

Much more geekatronic is the shirt that Comic Con attendees very well might be able to get their hands on. It’s a takeoff on the crew shirt famously made for the original film that said ‘Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming’. The new one says…well, it’s right there, too. That’s a phone camera shot of my own copy via the swag bag handed out at the Eagle Eye preview today. If you’re braving the hordes in San Diego this week, you’ll be able to find your own. Maybe.

Even though I know I’ll probably never wear the shirt out I’m not going to be a cool movie website editor and offer it to readers. I’ve been in LA for over a week now and already I’m mean like that. But if anyone can make a case for why I should send them any of the Last Airbender, Monsters Vs. Aliens or G.I. Joe ‘Mars’ shirts (all XL) that also came in the swag bag, I’ll send ‘em out.