My wife got so scared during the first Insidious, she knocked our soda out of the cup holder and sent Coke splashing all over me. We didn’t see the second movie together in the theater…

But I love the sequel too! It’s totally silly and nowhere near as scary as the first, but the Back To The Future 2 approach to continuing the story was a lot of fun. And any movie that casts people to look like young versions of Lin Shaye and Barbara Hershey (and NAILS IT) can’t be all bad, right? These are my metrics, folks.

The third film is directed by Leigh Whannell, who has been James Wan’s writer through Saw (where he also plays the non-Carey Elwes guy chained to the wall), Death Sentence and the Insidious series. But if this trailer is any indication, he seems to have learned a trick or two from Wan’s biggest hit (box office-wise) The Conjuring. That film—and more specifically, the way it was marketed, with an extended scene that ends in a real, satisfying scare—is only just beginning to build its legacy as other genre fare openly apes whatever they view as the secret formula to its massive financial success. In this case, they replaced supernatural clapping with knocking.

No skin off my nose! I think this looks like another satisfying entry in a series. And it has Dillbet Mullaney (i.e. it has everything!) I’ll be there next May, covered in soda.