It’s a big day today: Spaced is finally available on American region 1 DVD. The classic British show created by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson) has never hit these shores in full force because of music licensing issues. All of that has been cleared up, and the gang has put together a killer three disc set that includes lots of brand new content and commentaries so that people (like me) who imported the Region 2 discs have a good reason to double dip.

As part of the celebration the trio are doing a mini tour of the US, showing episodes of the show and doing Q&As. Last night they hit New York City’s Village East (where I think they still do Rocky Horror) and the line for the free show started two hours ahead of time and apparently over a hundred people were turned away. That’s amazing (and a bummer for the people turned away).

The Spaced Invasion tour is now heading west, and the gang will show up at the Arclight tomorrow night in Los Angeles. The deal is the same: free show, but expect long lines hours in advance. After that Edgar, Simon and Jessica will go down to San Diego for the Comic Con and then jet to Austin for a special day at the Alamo Drafthouse where they’re screening the whole damn series.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you add this DVD to your collection. This show is 100% a classic and I haven’t met anyone who has seen an episode or two and not been hooked. This is the FUBU (For Us, By Us) for geeks. Go out to a store and buy it today, or order it from Amazon through CHUD. I guarante you’ll love this show.

And be sure to visit to keep up with all the latest tour details.