When I was in the Watchmen war room I was really taken with the fake pop art that hung on the walls. There was a Nite Owl painting in the style of Andy Warhol, and two Silk Spectre paintings – one a war bonds poster in the style of Norman Rockwell and one a cheescake poster in the style of Vargas. I loved the way that Zack Snyder and his production team had thought through the impact superheroes would have on the world in ways beyond what was examined in the graphic novel.

Now Aint It Cool has snagged a look at the Vargas-style Spectre poster, painted by James Jean. You have to admit that Carla Gugino makes a damn fine subject for this sort of painting. Va-va-voom, as they used to say in the day.

Click on the image to see the whole thing at AICN.