The fine Canucks at JoBlo* have scored the exclusive first look at images from James “I swear I directed this, not the Wachowski Bros” McTeigue’s new film, Ninja Assassin. They have two pics, one of which you see here. Rain, huge Korean star, co-star of Speed Racer and major nemesis of Stephen Colbert, is looking both ripped and torn in this pic. If you click through to JoBlo you can get a gander at his swords.

JoBlo also has some information on the film that’s new… to me, at least. According to them, Ninja Assassin takes place in the modern day: The movie features Rain as trained killer Raizo, who breaks from his
ninja clan after they execute his friend. While Raizo plots revenge, a
Europol agent (the lovely Naomie Harris) investigates the clan’s
handiwork and gets caught up in the middle.

I thought for sure this was a period movie. So it’s the new Enter the Ninja, huh? Sho Kosugi is in this one too. I think you have to cast Sho if you’re making a ninja flick. Some kind of international treaty.

* John Fallon’s in Death Race? He was in the credits but no one spotted him in the movie.