Fun fact: the producers of Terminator: Salvation built a break into their schedule in case the actor strike went down. This could be good news if Christian Bale has to spend a lot of time in the hoosegow for beating his mom and sister!

But if McG is worried about that, he’ll never talk about it in his production blogs (which isn’t a criticism. If Russ gets arrested for what he did to those girls in Hollywood last night, I certainly won’t be speaking out about it on the site). He likes to focus on the positive aspects of the film, and in his latest production blog he talks about the Oz process they’re using to add silver layers to the finished product. While on set McG showed me some footage and I didn’t think it was distracting, but I don’t know if the clips had undergone the full process or not. Here’s what Joseph McGinty Nichol has to say:

We are half way through filming. Our teaser is in theaters and playing
before The Dark Knight.

You will see that this is a movie inspired by the first films, but is a true new beginning in that it takes place in the future.

All three Terminator films took place present day, with Terminators
traveling back in time to attack. This picture takes place after Judgment
Day. It happened. Everything is gone. The story of the movie is the “brink
moment” Reese always talked about.

From a technical perspective, we have set out to achieve a completely new
visual style that hasn’t been seen before. We’re shooting the film on color
stock but are using a method inspired by the Oz process which was developed
at Technicolor by Mike Zacharia and Bob Olson. Basically we are adding three
times as much silver. It creates a surreal texture that is in keeping with
the notion of the entire picture – feeling detached from the world we know

Every morning and every night Christian and I work on the story. Sam’s
contribution has been excellent. We are committed to putting the story and
character first and then supplementing that with action and visual effects.
It is our intention to make a film on a large scale with the nuance and
subtext of a high quality independent picture.

The richness of the story is really coming out now. It’s a Prometheus tale
really, how creating life creates real responsibility – and if left
unchecked, can be our undoing.

The entire crew takes the making of this film very seriously. I made a point
of hiring key personnel that are passionate about getting this right.
Everyone is well versed in the mythology.

Comicon is this weekend. I look forward to sharing the film with the

And I look forward to seeing what he brings. What I saw on set got me interested in this film for the first time; I think that people may be surprised by the finished product. Could this be a new era for McG? He certainly is hoping so.