It has been five years since production ceased on Return to Sleepaway Camp, a direct sequel to the original film that essentially ignores the second and third films in the series while reuniting director Robert Hiltzik with original cast members Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tierston, and Paul DeAngelo.

Original star Felissa Rose reprises her role as Angela in Return to Sleepaway Camp.

Return to Sleepaway Camp is actually the second attempt at a fourth film. In 1992, filming began on Sleepaway Camp: The Survivor but the project was abandoned before the film had been finished.

Just when history was looking to repeat itself, Hiltzik’s true sequel has finally been picked up by Magnolia Pictures and scheduled for a October 14, 2008 release, according to Fangoria.

Sleepaway Camp has the distinction of being the only movie that I’ve dozed off during a first-time late night viewing, awoke right before the end, and, with sleepy eyes, murmured “Is that a wang?” Naturally, I find it comforting that Angela and her wang are back in the steady hands of Hiltzik.

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