I paid a visit to the set of Crank 2 a few months ago and while I was there I met directors Brian Taylor and Mark Nevaldine. I talked to them quite a bit about what they’re doing with the movie, and I honestly still don’t know what to expect.*

The last time we saw the world’s most tense ex-hitman Chev Chelios, he was a freshly tossed Los Angeles street pizza. No one survives a fall from that high up, right? Well, not if you don’t have an indestructible heart, which Chev does. Now the Yakuza have cut it out and replaced his ticker with an artificial one – one that needs to be charged every two hours. I’m laying down a bet that the public sex scenario from the first film will be reenacted in the sequel with a 120v electrical socket in the role of Amy Smart.

What I do know for sure is that Crank 2 will feature a weird dream sequence where a man-in-Chev suit battles another man-in-man suit while stomping the shit out of a miniature set, and the LA Times Hollywood Backlot has a ton of behind-the-scenes photos from that shoot.

I have a feeling that Taylor and Nevaldine will be spilling more beans on Crank 2 and their equally intriguing Game at the Con this year. They’re hosting the Masters of the Web panel in Room 32AB at 10am Thursday, so that would probably be the best place to go for more info on these two films.

*Other than a Matrix-inspired camera effect they developed that would make the Wachowski’s blush.